Breastfeeding can be tricky for new moms if not done properly. Nursing a baby is not an easy feat especially if it’s your first time. Sure, nursing is natural, but it’s also downright difficult. So difficult that majority of the new moms end up giving up.

According to the Centre for Diseases and control and prevention 79% of moms give up breastfeeding in the first four months while 49% see it to the end. Breastfeeding a baby might be tricky and difficult but with the right tips and strategies, nursing your newborn baby will be seamless.

Luckily, you are not alone, we have gathered the best breastfeeding tips from experts who have figured out shortcuts and solutions to an easier nursing experience for new moms.

Take Breastfeeding Classes

Before your little one arrives, take breastfeeding classes, most hospitals and healthcare facilities offer them, you can also attend an international La Leche meeting. At these prenatal classes, the instructors cover the basics of breastfeeding using videos and dolls. The breastfeeding classes also bring moms together and this promotes an invaluable connection between the moms and in the long run, they rely on each other for support during the nursing period.

If you have a friend who is latching, you can watch and ask questions too. Start breastfeeding your baby is born two hours after birth, it becomes difficult to rouse many babies. You should try and breastfeed your baby, the sooner you start, the easier it will be for your baby to latch on.

When you are putting your baby’s skin against your skin, This helps those reflexes kick in, making it easier for both of you. This also promotes the increase of milk supply, it may seem little on the first 1-2 days, maybe one or two drops, but a baby’s stomach is the size of a marble. A drop or two is enough for the first few days.

Best Breastfeeding Position

Start by placing baby’s tummy facing down on your chest with chin and cheeks touching breasts. The position you opt for depends on both you and your baby, some moms feel most comfortable to put their babies horizontally across chests, but the more natural the position, the better. Put your hand on your baby’s back, this will help steady the baby and make him feel safer.

Nipple Cream

Most mothers have a sore nipple during the nursing period. Nipple creams are known to help with soothing sore nipples in new mothers. Some consultants prefer products such as coconut oil and Motherlove cream which unlike lanolin, they are not animal products, however, all are considered safe for babies.

Tracking System

For most new mothers, consultants recommend a breastfeeding tracking app. Download an app such as Baby Nursing (free on iTunes) to keep a record of wet diaper counts and feedings. During the first weeks, things are likely to get foggy, the app will remind you when to breastfeed your baby.


Don’t be surprised if it hurts at first, your nipples will probably be chapped and sore for the first two weeks only. For most nursing problems there is a solution, get help from a physician or your friends. One last thing, don’t be afraid to breastfeed in public, however, keep it comfortable with a blanket. Changing your plans or doing it alone will make breastfeeding more of a chore for you.

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Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms
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Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms
Breastfeeding can be tricky for new moms if not done properly. Nursing a baby is not an easy feat especially if it’s your first time. Read to learn more!
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