We all care about our oral health and hygiene, without always knowing what dangerous ingredients off-the-counter toothpastes have. But did you know that over 95 percent of the toothpastes sold in the United States contain Sodium Fluoride – an ingredient that is also used in rat poison. Think about it: we use our toothpastes to brush our teeth – it comes into very close contact with us, and there’s always a possibility that we may swallow it. The dangers are even greater for babies and children. This has resulted in the FDA intervening and requiring a poison warning on every toothpaste or mouthwash that contains fluoride. Many of us still continue to buy these products however, because it may not even occur to us that our toothpastes are so dangerous. Also, keep in mind that fluoride is one of many dangerous chemicals that make it to your oral care products. We’ve written about this before, so be sure to read our blog to learn about what other chemicals and toxins your toothpaste may contain. Get used to reading those labels. Now lets discuss how we could enhance our oral health with natural toothpaste.

If you ask me, using products that use ingredients that are so detrimental to our health is absurd. Especially products we put into our mouth. I think it’s vital that we select products that don’t have such long-term consequences. The good news is that an alternative to these harmful formulas exists. Ever heard of natural toothpaste?

One common alternative is the homemade natural toothpaste. Super easy, effective and cheap. All you need is coconut oil, baking soda and an essential oil for flavour. While this recipe works for some people, many don’t like the texture or salty flavour. Also, because coconut oil fluctuates, some are annoyed with it because it softens and hardens depending on the season or temperature.

My favourite is the EarthPaste Natural Toothpaste. As the name suggests, it has a very nice Earthy flavour to it. More importantly, the ingredients are 100 percent safe and effective, taking care of all aspects of your oral health. No chemicals or toxins in these – it’s made with food grade Redmond clay, Redmond Real Salt, purified water, Xylitol and an essential oil depending on the flavour you select (cinnamon, lemon twist, peppermint or spearmint). These toothpastes are worry free especially for mothers – if your child accidentally swallows, well no worries because they’re safe to eat.

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