If you’re wondering what zero waste shampoo means, you’ve come to the right place. With Plastic Free July around the corner, we thought, why not address one of the biggest zero waste questions that just keeps coming up: shampoo. Where you can get it from? What’s the best kind and how can you improve the health of your scalp and hair without producing waste.

Why Conventional Shampoos Suck!

First, let’s talk about the importance of saying goodbye to conventional shampoos. Whether you’re looking at it from an environmental, ethical, or health perspective, opting for a naturally made and package-free shampoo is the best way to go.

Most conventional shampoos are packed with a bunch of chemicals that dry out your hair and scalp, harm your health and expose you to unnecessary toxins. Also, they’re always packaged in plastic bottles, and often tested on animals. A switch over to an eco-friendly, healthy and ethical alternative is not rocket science. If you’re thinking, that’s too good to be true, then keep reading.

The Perfect Zero Waste Shampoo

If you ask us, the perfect shampoo has to be a few things:

  • 100 percent natural
  • Ethical
  • Zero waste
  • Affordable
  • And of course, it has to work well!

J.R. Liggett’s Shampoo Bars really win the contest: they’re as natural, ethical and eco-friendly as it gets. Who needs bulk plastic bottles when the shampoo can be a small, travel-friendly bar? The natural formula is gentle on hair and tough on dirt, leaving hair clean, nourished and moisturized. You won’t even need conditioner. These magical bars are also free of preservatives, animal products and are made purely from natural oils and ingredients.

Find the Perfect Bar for You

The best part is that you can find the perfect zero waste shampoo to meet your needs. Whatever your hair type, there’s something for you. Go on and have a read.

  • Original Formula: made from 100 percent vegetable oil, this bar will lather quickly; clean your hair and scalp, without stripping the natural oils from your hair.
  • For Curly Hair: whether you have naturally curly hair or recently dyed hair (or both), this bar is the right one for you! With coconut oil and argan oil, this shampoo bar will give your hair the moisture it needs to stay healthy and beautiful.
  • Herbal Formula: do you love fresh scents? If so, you’ll want to give this one a try. Infused with Rosemary, Lavender & Cedarwood, this combination of essential oils will give you something to look forward to every time you wash your hair.
  • For greasy hair: made with Jojoba and peppermint as its primary ingredients, this bar will help keep everything under control.

The benefits of these shampoo bars are endless. Each little bar is hand-cut and completely natural. You can wash your hair without worrying about a thing: no synthetic oils, no chemicals, no plastic bottles, and no detergents. This means you can enjoy vegan, natural and zero waste shampoo that is easy to use, and easy to travel with. A no-brainer if you ask us!

Looking for more tips on natural hair care? Read about the Magic of Coconut Oil!

Zero Waste Shampoo to Kick Start Plastic Free July
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Zero Waste Shampoo to Kick Start Plastic Free July
If you’re wondering what zero waste shampoo is then you’ve come to the right place! Enjoy vegan, natural and zero waste shampoo that is easy to use
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