//A Green Holiday Season: An Exclusive Kids Gift Guide

A Green Holiday Season: An Exclusive Kids Gift Guide

The holiday season is fast approaching. ‘Tis the season to spend quality time with family and friends, and of course to share laughs and indulge in delicious food. As we all prepare for the holidays however, a taunting task awaits us – kids gift. This year, let us welcome a green holiday season and give back not only to our loved ones, but also to our environment, so how a kids gift guide could help you, continue reading for answers.

LivingLifeNatural.com to the rescue! We’re here to help out. After all, the holidays aren’t any fun without the perfect presents. With our commitment to the planet and its health, this year, the gifts your loved ones receive will also give back to Mother Earth, and there’s no doubt in our minds that your kids will love their Green Toys.

Kids Gift Guide: Eco-Friendly Toys

All Green Toys products are eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled plastic, with milk containers as its main ingredient. These milk containers are re-processed into high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is one of the safest and cleanest plastics around.

The entire process from the collection of materials to the production of Green Toys takes place in Los Angeles, California. This ensures the local production of toys, resulting in fewer miles traveled in regards to transportation. For example, on average, every pound of recycled milk jugs that are used in the making of Green Toys saves energy that amounts to 3,000 AAA batteries.

Kids Gift Guide: Safe Toys

Kids like to play, and sometimes that means biting is involved. So it’s very important that the toys your children play with are safe and clean. All Green Toys products are tested by nationally recognized and independent third-party labs that are located in the United States. These toys contain no traceable amounts of Phthalates, BPA, external coatings or funny chemicals.


Parents care about safety, and kids care about having fun. Green Toys takes care of it all. When we say variety, we mean variety. Our endless list of products has anything from airplanes, trucks, race cars, and buses, to cookware, chef sets, gardening kits, and jump ropes. We also have sand play kits, toolboxes, and tea sets. In other words, you name it and we got it.

Let’s narrow it down though. After all, the point of this is to guide you towards some of the top sellers and must haves for kids. Selection can be tough, but here are the TOP THREE gift ideas for this holiday season.

1. Indoor Gardening Kit – 11 pieces

Key word: Indoor. The holidays are meant for spending time with family in the comfort of your home. It’s cold out, and you’ll want your kids to have something fun and exciting to do while indoors. This really neat indoor kit allows kids to do an outdoor activity at home. It’s the perfect little gift that will keep them busy during the holiday season.

Like all Green Toys products, it’s made from 100% recycled plastic. It comes with an easy to follow planting instruction, and it’s suitable for kids that are 5 or older. Kids can watch nature at work by growing their own personal beautiful garden and fresh herbs in just a few days.

The kit comes with a peapod-shaped planter tray, 3 planting pots, a trowel, 3 packs of organic seeds and 3 compact soil dishes. Say Merry Christmas with an eco-friendly garden.

2. Cookware and Dinner Set – 27 pieces

This set includes everything little chefs need: a stock pot with lid, a skillet, 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 cups and 4 utensil sets. You can’t cook in plastic, but thanks to these chemical free products, kids can actually eat from them. And what’s even better is that they’re dishwasher safe, so kids can have their fun, and parents don’t even have to clean up. If you like this idea for a gift, you may also want to check out the Green Toys Tea Set.

3. Tool Set – 15 pieces

This set offers a classic tool set with an eco-friendly twist for all those young builders. It’s made from vibrant and colorful plastic that is durable and of course made from 100% recycled plastic. The box itself has four holes on each side that are sized to work with the rest of the pieces, which means your kids will be busy and active.

Green Toys are all about variety and while the philosophy behind the toys is always green, the toolbox comes in two colors. Pink or blue? We’ll leave that up to you.

Are you ready for a green holiday season? Check our online store for a great kids gift guide and give the perfect gifts to your young ones: a sustainable planet and of course, the coolest toys out there!

To see the full list of Green Toys Click here.

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