There’s no better feeling than picking the perfect little gift for that special person. Whether it is a holiday, a birthday, Mother’s Day or graduation – time and again, we are faced with this question: what are some ethical gift ideas? Giving gifts can already be a bit tricky, and making sure it’s ethical, can make it a bit more time consuming. But here’s how I make sure my gifts stay ethical. But before we begin brainstorming, let’s talk about what ethical even means?

What Do We Mean by Ethical Gifts?

When you’re buying a gift (or anything), you have to be really careful. You have to fully interrogate your shopping for a number of things. Is the product or company environmentally friendly? How does it treat its workers? Is it transparent with its production? Do they test on animals? Do they contain toxins and chemicals? How are their products packaged?

In addition, one of the best ways to ensure your gifts are ethical and green is to think about whether or not it contributes to our landfill waste. Remember, gift or not, as consumers we have a whole lot of responsibility and power! If we stop buying and pressure companies to adhere to environmental, humanitarian and animal rights, then slowly they’ll begin to change their ways.

My Ethical Gift Ideas:

As promised, here are some simple ideas to get you thinking outside the box. Simple ways to turn those gifts to ones that are ethical in every sense of the word: good for you, the planet, the animals and your health! Now that’s a good gift.

DIY. Ever thought of making, baking, sewing or knitting for that special person? There’s probably something you’re really good at. Use your skills and think about gifts that come from the heart. How about a little food basket with those delicious jam recipes your grandma passed along?

Food & Drinks. Maybe DIY projects just aren’t your thing. Never has been. No worries! There are other ways to give gifts that are ethical and waste-free. How about organic and vegan Herbal Tea for that tea lover? Herbal Coffee? Organic Wine? You get the point. Remember, gift giving is a kind gesture, not a materialistic exchange.

Give an Experience. One of the best ways to discourage the act of buying and shopping is by giving meaningful and experience based gifts. How about a movie pass for that avid film watcher? Maybe a ticket to the concert you and your bestie have waited your entire life for?

Buy from the Right Places. Support businesses, brands and companies that support the planet, its people and animals. Do your research and make sure the company you’re buying from is compatible with your values.

And last but not least, I’ve prepared a list of Ethical Gift ideas for you guys – products for him and her (of all ages). We’re talking about a variety of products that are organic, natural, animal and Earth-friendly! Check it out and comment below to tell us what you think.

Gift giving is a beautiful thing. So give compassionately.

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