//Cruelty Free Gift Guide For the Ladies

Cruelty Free Gift Guide For the Ladies

Christmas is drawing near, and with it, holiday festivities, presents and quality time with friends and family. For many however, choosing the right gifts for loved ones can be a daunting task. Add ethical and green shopping to that list, along with cruelty free gift guide for her, and the job becomes even harder. LivingLifeNatural.com is here to help. Our cruelty free gift guide for products has something for all the special women in your life.

For starters, women love skincare products, cosmetics and perfumes. The benefits of using brands that promote the use of natural and organic ingredients are endless. After all, we use these products on our faces, and it’s crucial to know what they are made of.

Ecco Bella Beauty

Sally Malanga, founder of Ecco Bella, started the company to protest the use of animals on testing cosmetics. For the past 20 years, the company has been an advocate for this cause. Her various natural and organic beauty products including skin care, body care, and make up help promote the health of the environment, and are made from organics and nutraceuticals.

Ecco Bella, meaning behold beautiful, stands behind the vision that a product or peson can only be considered beautiful if they are respectful to all living things. In addition, Ecco Bella helps you save money; fewer products do more as they multitask, helping you with anti-aging and anti-blemishes for example. The brand not only strives to encourage natural beauty, but is also a great ambassador for speaking out for animals and our planet. Ecco Bella is the mixing of intelligence, compassion and beauty. Here are a few products we know your family and friends will love.

Beauty Without Cruelty Full Volume Mascara Black

Every woman needs a good mascara. This Beauty Without Cruelty mascara is made from the purest formula; it lengthens lashes, is based on clay and iron oxides, and is free of gluten, fragrance and parable. Separates and defines each lash with long-lasting, smudge-resistance color. Classic and contemporary shades. It’s the perfect and most affordable gift for your wife, sister or friend. To purchase or read more about the Full Mascara Black, Click Here.

FlowerColor Face Powder

A flawless finish is what every woman looks for when deciding on a good powder. This Ecco Bella product is vegan, contains green tea extract, flower waxes, aloe vera and vitamin E. It is packaged in a recyclable paper compact, and is gluten, preservative and fragrance free. The face powder comes with a mirror and puff and gives your skin a dazzling glow. You can choose from three different shades: light, medium and pale. For more information on this product, Click Here.

FlowerColor Bronzing Powder Sunflower

It’s December, and we’re not getting any darker. The right bronzer is a must-have for all women, especially during the cold winter months. This bronzing powder contains flower-wax and minerals, aloe vera, green tea and vitamin E. It comes in a recyclable package, with a mirror and puff. Most importantly for animal lovers, the product is vegan. In addition, it is free of Talc, gluten, and preservatives, and is especially great for sensitive skin. Give your loved ones a sun-kissed glow; purchase it here.

FlowerColor Lipstick

A signature look for many woman, lipstick is a frequently used cosmetic product. The right lipstick however, doesn’t come around often. This lipstick comes in many different colours, including café au lait, caramel, pink rose, primrose, and Tuscany rose. It protects and softens lips, and nourishes and moisturizes without flaking or chapping. It contains vegetable waxes, oils and minerals, is vegan, has no FD&C dye, and is free of petroleum, preservatives, gluten and fragrance. It’s also very affordable. Click Here to learn more about this product and check out its many colours and features.

Ecco Bella strives to promote beauty that is not harmful to animals and the environment. Give ethically this holiday season, but cruelty free cosmetics and take care of yourself and the planet.

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