It’s already December. Can you believe it? Many of us are nowhere close to completing our holiday shopping. Finding the perfect eco-friendly gift ideas is never easy but we’re here to help you brainstorm ideas. Here at, the perfect gift means a few things. For us, the best gift has to be, affordable, functional, practical, useful, ethical and durable. With all these in mind, here are the top best 6 eco-friendly gift ideas out there:

Get creative

Think something homemade and crafty. This is also a great way to get the entire family involved. You can make anything from homemade jam, soaps, lotion or candles. If you’re into knitting, you can always make homemade scarves for your loved ones. It’s thoughtful and you have control over where you buy your material, which allows you to ensure that everything is ethical and local.

Food & Beverages

Everyone loves food. If you can’t make it, you can always buy organic and locally made chocolate, jam, biscuits or honey. Think about designing your very own gift baskets. Wine or other booze can also make a great gift.

Tea & Coffee

Many people love their tea and coffee. This makes a great gift idea as well. You can arrange a few different types and flavors, maybe with a specialized mug to make the perfect gift. We have a huge selection of herbal teas and coffees. Make sure you have a look.


Nothing screams GREEN more than a beautiful plant. There really is no better gift out there. More than anything, you give the gift of life. Make sure you do your research and purchase a plant that suits the climate, temperature and season.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

People like it and need it. This makes it a win-win. But before buying a lipstick or the perfect body lotion, think about the ingredients they use. Are they biodegradable and natural? Make sure the products are Eco-friendly, but also animal-friendly, chemical-free and organic.


Perhaps we obsess over material objects. Instead, think about a gift that is experience driven: a ticket to a good show, an online subscription, a movie, and dinner? These are just a few ideas of gifts that are based on experience. When you buy someone a ticket to their favorite show, you show them that you’ve put thought and effort into their gift – even better if you end up joining them – quality time and quality gift.

Other Tips

We’ve got a few tips for this year’s eco-friendly gift ideas. If you can make it, then make it! If you can’t, try to support brands and companies that are ethical. Read labels and ask questions: how are products packaged? How are they distributed? Who makes them? Are they healthy? Natural? Organic? Vegan? Eco-Friendly? Ask the questions and be proud of the gifts you give this holiday.

Got any more eco-friendly gift ideas? Be sure to comment below and share them with us.

Happy ‘Green’ Shopping!

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