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Gift Ideas exclusively for stressed shoppers

It’s three days before your son's sweet 16, and you’ve left your shopping until the last minute. Walking into a gigantic department store without a shopping list, you instantly start to panic. 

Sound familiar?

Buying the perfect gift can be stressful. Let us help you find the most affordable gifts for your loved ones. Buy natural and organic gifts you can be proud of and help save the environment. 

Check out our many gift guides below to get started. 

For Her. Every woman appreciates and deserves good quality products. From natural and organic body wash, animal friendly mascara, and chemical free shampoos and conditioners, there is something for every special woman in your life. These products are affordable, made with recyclable packaging, and contain natural ingredients that are not harmful to you or the environment.

For Him. Let’s be honest: shopping for men is hard! With their love for tech gadgets and games, it can also be extremely expensive! Our gift guide for him includes natural and organic protein shakes and bars, personal care products such as shampoos, deodorants and body wash, and food and beverages, such as organic and fair trade trade coffee and tea. Get eco) shopping!

For Kids. When it comes to babies and children, you want products that are healthy and nutritious. The reality is though, that the majority of baby products are filled with chemicals. Give the gift of a lifetime, and buy natural and organic vitamins, eco-friendly green toys, chemical free shampoos and lotions, and BPA-free bottles. There are endless affordable products to choose from.

For Pet Lovers. Are you an animal lover? Do you have a pet, or do you know someone who does? There are lots of benefits for purchasing natural pet products. Choose from a variety of shampoos and conditioners that are made from entirely natural ingredients, are certified vegan, and are free of alcohol and pesticides. Treat your pet right, while being environmentally friendly.

For the Home. An eco-friendly home is a happy home. There are plenty of gifts that you can give to get started. Why not buy tote bags for your mom? Made from natural cotton, you can help save the planet one bag at a time. There are plenty of other items to choose from, such as natural laundry detergent and 100% recycled plastic food storage containers.

Why should you give ethically? 

Health & Longevity Matter

By purchasing natural and organic gifts, you’re investing in products that are made from the purest and healthiest formulas.

New Beginnings

Environmentally conscious gift giving is a great way to embark on an improved lifestyle that celebrates and protects our shared home.

Raise Awareness

Show your support by spreading the word about eco shopping, and help companies and brands that are advocating for a more sustainable world.

 Cruelty & Chemical Free

Natural and organic products are made with no chemicals, and with zero harm done to animals and the environment.

Here's why you need to embrace Online Shopping:


Picking the perfect gift is a daunting task. Choose from an endless list of high quality, natural and organic products.


Shopping can be exhausting and time consuming. This gift guide does all the work for you. Convenience is a click away.


Shopping can take a toll on your finances. Save yourself a great deal of anxiety with affordable gift ideas and no tax on all purchases.

Give ethically and shop natural! 

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