This week in Norwich (United Kingdom), we had the Green Films Festival. Pretty cool huh? There were several screenings – and each was touching in its own way. There’s something special about films, and the visual in general. Images can be so powerful. Once you’re confronted with something, it’s really tough to not be touched, and to not care or take the next step.

The Earth is warming up! And it’s warming up fast. We’re facing a serious environmental chaos: we’re producing more waste than ever before, the planet is over populated, sea-levels are rising and the oceans are becoming more acidic, we rely heavily on meat, we’re polluting the air, and don’t get me started on the big companies behind fossil fuels – we’re all in danger: the planet, the forests, the oceans and the wildlife. There has never been a more urgent call to change our lifestyles, to protest against the big corporations and to demand serious and drastic change from our politicians.

There are resources out there, and more importantly there are passionate activists who are doing everything in their power to change things for the better. With the books, films, and facts that we now have access to, no one has the excuse to say: “I didn’t know.” This week’s Green films made me think about the power they hold. It’s so easy to watch a film – we can all set aside a few hours in our week. The films I’m about to share really helped me understand the reality behind this global crisis. I dare you to watch. And I dare you to not be touched. Each film deals with a different environmental issue. But all these green films are powerful and compelling in their own unique way. There’s lots more out there! These are my faves.

3 MUST watch Green Films

This Changes Everything

The film is directed by Avi Lewis and the screen play is written by the one and only Naomi Klein who wrote the book This Changes Everything. A must-read! The argument is that our economic system is at war with the environment. And even though the film doesn’t shy away from providing the grim facts and figures, it ends on a hopeful and positive note that shows the power of grassroots activism and action. If you’re interested to learn more about the book check out my blog on it.


Co-directed by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, this doc offers some shocking facts. Did you know for example that a glass of milk uses the same amount of water to be produced as two month’s worth of showering? The film does a wonderful job outlining the harsh reality of our food consumption by shedding light on issues of agriculture, cattle and fishing. This ones gives consumers a whole lot of power, because it makes us realize that our daily choices can have a serious impact on the environment.

Racing Extinction

This one is directed by Louie Psihoyos and to say it had me in tears is an understatement. A beautiful and powerful film that relies on a team of artists and activists on an undercover mission – to reveal to us the world of endangered species. Once again, while the film isn’t exactly a happy one, it evokes a sense of hope by showing the positive steps forward. It also has a great call to action asking us to do one thing! It goes through a bunch of issues that we’re facing, such as waste, fishing, cattle, extinction, fossil fuels etc. But it reminds us that change can happen if we all took a single step to start.

Now it’s your turn to share your favourite Green film with us. Comment below to drop a name.