Many people who live in apartments wish for their very own garden. Plants not only look great, but also make people happier. It gives us a chance to connect with something, take care of it and nurture it. The end result is a sense of meaning and purpose. But there’s even more to it than feeling happy. So, who cares if you don’t have an outdoor garden or patio? We think it’s a shame to give up on your own personal home garden just because you live in an apartment. Lots of people resort to indoor gardening – we’re here to discuss the benefits and tips with you. And believe it or not, it’s addictive – once you get into it, you’ll never stop.

Better air quality

Don’t even try to deny this one. Plants filter the air around us, and absorb the bad stuff, and instead produce and release oxygen. This means a better, healthier and more oxygen-rich environment for your family and pets. It’s also a great, natural and toxin-free way of freshening the air around your home.

Looks lovely doesn’t it?

We’re always looking for ways to make our home look pretty. And so we often resort to useless items that cost us too much money, and do absolutely nothing. Plants are a great way to decorate a place. They add character and liveliness to your space, without producing more waste and harming the environment. To learn more about ways to make your home more eco-friendly, check out our previous blog.

You can eat ‘em

That’s right. If you want to be even more practical, remember that you can always plant veggies and herbs. This way you’ll have fresh veggies and herbs all year round. The best part is that you’ll also avoid pesticides and preservatives.

Fun & educational

Taking care of something is fun. Learning about the different types of plants and ways that you have to cater to them can be exciting and educational for the entire family. It’s the perfect Sunday morning activity!

Now that you’re convinced, here are some tips to help you with your indoor gardening.

Get educated

Learn about the plants, herbs and seeds that you purchase. Your local shops will help you out with this. There are plants that are perfect for the indoor, and some, which aren’t so good. So choose wisely and do your research.

Positioning of your plants

Once you learn about various types of plants, you’ll get the hang of what they need. Some plants thrive on lots of sun – so be sure to place them on a windowsill that gets lots of sunshine.

Don’t over water

A common mistake for newbies – but you’ve done your research and you know well that a cactus for example doesn’t need water daily. So make sure your plants are over-hydrated or dehydrated.

No extreme temperatures

Keep your plants away from drafts so that they’re not exposed to too much heat or cold. Like everything else, the right temperature is also important.

So here you have it. Let us know what you do to keep your home garden alive and well. Comment below to share your tips and ideas. Don’t forget to connect with us on social media and sign up to our Newsletter for updates and promotions.