You’ll probably agree with me when I say that adopting a sustainable lifestyle has never been this important. But today I am not here to talk about the melting glaciers and overpopulation (did I anyway?). I have something else in mind. Let’s think about practical steps and simple changes we can all make in our daily lives towards a greener and eco-friendly lifestyle. And believe me, I’ve even taken into account that you’re probably super busy. So these sustainable lifestyle tips are tailored to you. What do you say?

First things first: what is a sustainable lifestyle? In a nutshell, it means living in a way that recognizes that the Earth’s resources are finite. Once we become aware of this simple reality, then we begin to understand why our personal lifestyle and daily actions matter. Living sustainably means that you try to reduce your carbon footprint. How? Well, here are seven practical sustainable lifestyle tips and steps that you can take.


Many people assume that an eco-friendly lifestyle requires lots of time and money. Now can you imagine anything more time to consume and expensive than shopping? My favorite part of a green lifestyle is how much more I choose experience over things. The most important step towards sustainability is to consume less – and believe me, speaking from experience, it’s the hardest bit. We live in a world that encourages and values consumption and materialism, and by resisting this lifestyle you’re saving lots of time and money, but also seriously helping our planet.


If you’re always on the go, then you’re most likely relying on some sort of transportation. Now, if you drive to work every single day, and you’re the only one in the car, why not think about car-pooling or public transport? If your distance isn’t too far, why not invest in a bike or even walk! Sometimes with proper planning, you can incorporate your daily steps and exercise into your commute.

Always be Prepared

Plastic waste has become a serious issue. Many of us rely on disposals for our daily coffee and food. Imagine how many disposable coffee cups you could save in a year if you carried your own reusable mug? Think about the positive impact of your daily actions.

Check out my blog to learn more about what I carry in my bag to make sure I don’t generate waste.

Less Meat More Plants 

The meat industry is one of the guiltiest ones out there. But the good news is that YOU choose what to eat. If you can’t take the leap, then start by incorporating more plant-based options into your diet. Your tummy will thank you for it too. And while you’re at it, support local and small businesses.

Save the Trees 

If you work in an office or are a student, a good way to reduce your footprint may be by printing less. If printing is something you absolutely can’t avoid, think about using recycled paper and print on both sides.


It doesn’t get easier: turn off unnecessary lights. Turn off your electronics. Turn down the heat and wear cozy jumpers. Use daylight if you can. In other words, when you don’t need it don’t use it.


Nature has a great way of dealing with waste, and it’s time we get on board. By composting your food, you significantly reduce your waste. By composting we can think differently about waste and make sure that our actions are in touch with nature and her ways. To read more about the ‘how and what’ behind composting check our blog about waste reduction.

Remember, it’s not always about the things you have to stop doing. Instead, think about the positive steps you can take towards a sustainable lifestyle. For example, think about the opportunities you can gain. A green life often means a healthier and more vibrant you. It means less stuff and more time for creating experiences. Go out there, take those positive steps forward, and have those important conversations.

Seven Practical Sustainable Lifestyle Tips For Busy People
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Seven Practical Sustainable Lifestyle Tips For Busy People
What is a sustainable lifestyle? In a nutshell, it means living in a way that recognizes that the Earth’s resources are finite.
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