It’s that time of the year. The time where heavy winter coats are coming off and we’re all starting to think about getting fitter and stronger. But no body has the money or time to pay for expensive gym fees. Better yet, with the weather getting warmer and nicer, who wants to hide away in a dark gym? Not me. So let’s discuss and learn how to get fit equipment free. No dumbbells, no machines, no bands – just you and your body.

The Power of Your Body

One of the major reasons I avoid the gym is because it uses far too many resources to run. Resources that are wasteful and most definitely not very ‘green.’ But that doesn’t mean I can’t get fit and strong. The first thing we need to do is recognize the power of our own body. And then, like any other great thing in life, keep it simple and minimal. The point is to get you moving, sweating and working.

How to Get Fit Equipment Free?

One of my favourite equipment free workouts is circuit training. Here’s why: you can incorporate various moves into your workout. You can time yourself and see the improvement over time. It’s challenging without being time consuming or expensive. And, finally, you can do this everywhere and anywhere. If it’s too chilly outside, do it in your flat. It takes up no space. If it’s a beautiful day out, find a park and do your workout in the fresh air.

One of the best things is that you can design your very own circuit. Maybe you’ll want to have a day for upper body training and another for lower body exercises. I like to mix mine with various exercises and repeat them a few times a week instead. I usually start my first exercise with something that’s cardio-based to get me warmed up. This can be jogging on the spot, jumping-jacks, high-knees or butt-kicks. I then do a few lower body exercises that include: jumping-squats and jumping-lunges, kicks and if I’m feeling really groovy, then tuck-jumps (they hurt). I always include push-ups because they workout various muscle groups at the same time. Depending on how you’re feeling that day, you can experiment with various types of push-ups like military style, V-push-ups, clap-push-ups (for a bit of cardio) or maybe you’re starting out and you want to get on your knees to do your push-ups. Don’t forget to include some ab-exercises as well. I usually finish off with burpees.

Don’t forget to set a goal before you start. Write down which exercises you’ll be doing. Maybe you want to start out with a circuit that has five exercises. Do 20 reps for a total of 100, and repeat each circuit five times. That’ll be a 500 rep circuit and you’ll definitely feel it. Another way to do this is by timing yourself. You may be more into time-based exercises. In that case, instead of reps, use time to measure your exercises and improvement.

When it comes to equipment free exercises, I think circuit training is one of the best ones. You can design your own circuits depending on what areas you want to workout that day. You use your own body weight instead of machines and equipment, and the result is a stronger and learner you.

Don’t Forget About the Importance of Diet

When it comes to getting fitter, what you eat is also really important. Don’t obsess over it. I feel like that makes things more stressful. Instead of telling yourself what you cannot eat, make a list of things you should include in your diet. Don’t neglect your fruits and veggies. Also, if you’re looking to build muscle, then make sure you get the protein you need. I find that one of the best ways (and easiest) is by starting my morning with a protein-rich smoothie. I add almond milk, Organic Hemp protein and whatever fruit I have in my fridge. If I’m feeling fancy, I may also add some chia seeds.

Other than that, keep your carbs and sugar intake to a minimum. Don’t cut it out, but don’t over do it either. And don’t forget to drink lots of water.

Other Equipment Free Ways to Get your Body Moving

Don’t underestimate the power of walking and running. It’s really important to get your body moving. You’ll notice a higher level of energy. Take advantage of the warmer weather and leave the car in the garage and walk to the supermarket instead. Or take your family along with you on a nature walk or hike, and reward yourself with an outdoor picnic afterwards.

Last but not least, don’t take stretching lightly. It’s important to take a few minutes before and after your routine to stretch your body. It keeps you supple and injury-free. Maybe you’ll even want to add a yoga day to your weekly routine.

There really is no need for an expensive gym membership. All you need is your body and a bit of motivation to get moving. Check out our previous posts on Sports & Fitness to learn more. Got any favourite routines you want to share?

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