At home relaxer kits is a right of passage for young black woman. However, with constant use, they can have negative effects on your health. Hair products marketed to black women contain higher concentrations of endocrine-disrupting chemicals. EDCs are associated with cancer and birth defects among other health issues. Hair qualities and the social norms about what hair texture could be are likely why there is a difference. Black woman suffers more from EDC related illnesses than any other demographic and it is likely due to the number of beauty products they use that contain toxic chemicals.

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More To Know About Toxic Chemicals:

  • Although the prospect of relaxing her hair made it smell of Ammonia, Donna says that she was excited about it when she began.
  • When Donna goes to the salon, they would put her hair in a relaxer and slather it. Eventually, she realized that it was the cause of her headaches.
  • Donna became aware of the toxic chemicals in products when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and she decided to quit all chemical products.

“The former professional track-and-field athlete started at fifteen when she and her best friend were finally allowed to buy an at-home relaxer kit.”

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