Summer is here! It’s in the air and it is definitely in the temperature. Summer is a time for change and for reinvention. Everyone wants to look and feel their best and take advantage of the beautiful weather. Most people want to lose weight and be beach body ready, check out our previous blog post for some tips, while others want to change up their hair style and hair color! For those of us who want a change in hair color but  do not want to use harsh chemicals on our luscious locks, there is Rainbow Research.

Rainbow Research has a line of hair color products that are made with Henna. Their philosophy is simple– they only the best use natural ingredients available, avoid unnecessary chemicals and they are honest. They are a cruelty free company, that has never tested their products on animals. To keep quality standards high, their products are made in small batches.

Through dedication, honesty and brilliant products they have grown their following through the years and have customers that that are chiropractors, medical doctors, salons and other consumers throughout the world. Rainbow research is dedicated to supporting and promoting groups that fight for animal and human rights throughout the world! They are a perfect fit for the conscious consumer like yourself!

Benefits of Rainbow Research Henna Hair Color

Henna comes from Henna leaves, which have been crushed and made into a paste with water or oil. Henna is one of the most popular beauty herbs in India and around the Eastern Hemisphere. Henna is a coloring dimension that has been around for hundreds of years, with ancient kings and queens indulging in it’s rich color and benefits. Famous Beauties such as Nefertiti and Cleopatra used Henna to enhance their hair colour and hair health. It is one of the best natural remedies for hair growth. It has been used to make hair healthy, shiny and voluminous. And it’s popularity in hotter countries can be attributed to the cooling effect it has on the applied areas.

Perfect for grey coverage

Henna based products such as Rainbow Research, are perfect for chemical free grey coverage. For amazing grey coverage without any of those harsh and harmful chemicals, Rainbow Research Henna Hair Color is the perfect way to go.  Most hair dyes that promise full grey coverage are full of chemicals and amino acids that leave your hair damaged , dull and without moisture. Rainbow Research has no amino acids or other chemicals which could take the moisture from your hair, and it leaves your hair nourished and healthy.

Rainbow Research conditions hair

Because of Henna’s ability to lock in moisture it is also a great conditioner. Rainbow Research Henna Hair Color and conditioners covers each hair strand and builds a protective layer that safeguards the strands from damage. Regular use of Rainbow Research Henna Hair Color and conditioners makes your hair thick and strong by locking the essential moisture in the hair. It adds a natural shine and gloss to your mane and makes them two times stronger. It can also help bring back the lost health of your hair and repairs damaged locks. Did you know that Henna restores the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp without affecting the natural balance of your hair? Well now you know!

Rainbow Research fights dandruff

As you can tell Rainbow Research Henna color and conditioner are amazing for your hair, but they have another added benefit.  It also helps to treat dry, itchy scalp and dandruff! Because of its ability to lock in moisture it is one of the best natural remedies for treating pesky dandruff.

Our Favorite Rainbow Research Products

Rainbow Research Henna Hair Color & Conditioner in Persian Chestnut–  This is 100% Natural Botanical Hair Color and Conditioner. It has no additives, chemicals or preservatives. It is a warm Medium Brown Chestnut color. Perfect for grey coverage and it lasts 4- 6 weeks.

Rainbow Research Henna Hair Color & Conditioner in Persian Red– This will give you beautiful shiny Red hair, without all those harsh Chemicals. It coats each hair strand with color, blends naturally and fades gradually after 4- 6 weeks.

Rainbow Research Henna Hair Color & Conditioner in Persian Dark Brown– This is perfect for warming up your hair color. It will give it a nice richness and depth to your hair color. It is free of additives, chemicals or preservatives. Perfect for grey coverage and it lasts 4-6 weeks.

Rainbow Research Henna Hair Color & Conditioner in Mahogany–  A rich Mahogany to warm up your hair color and cover grey. Rainbow Henna has no additives, chemicals, or pesticides. Rainbow Henna coats each hair shaft with color. Blends naturally. Fades gradually. Lasts 4-6 weeks. Smooths and seals the hair’s cuticle for greater shine and body. Rainbow Research Henna’s custom-tailored recipes can be used for  covering grey and improving texture.

Rainbow Research Henna Is really the best in the market for natural hair color to give you healthy, strong, voluminous and beautiful hair. Give it a try this summer to get some extra color, or keep your head cool from the warm summer sun!

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