Searching for the perfect cosmetic brand can be tough. This is even harder if you’re looking for cruelty-free cosmetic brands because it’s almost impossible to find ethical brands and products in regular shops. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They do and we’re here to talk about them.

First, let’s discuss what we mean by “cruelty-free” – and what’s with the little leaping bunny on the packaging. In simple terms, when we say a company or band is cruelty-free we mean that they don’t test their products or ingredients on animals. While the bunny symbol suggests free of animal testing, it doesn’t mean the product is vegan. When we refer to a product as vegan we mean that they don’t contain ANY animal-derived ingredients. If you’re interested in learning more about our ‘lingo’ check out our FAQ bit.

Honeybee Gardens

These products are made entirely from natural ingredients. This means that they not only align with your values, but also take better care of your skin. These guys are PETA certified, and they aspire to recycle and reuse their packaging to keep our planet clean. Also, you don’t have to pay your life away for an eyeliner. So you really have no excuse, because it’s a win-win. The next best bit is their variety: mineral powder, eye shadows, eyeliner, lip-liner and natural mascara are all one click away.

Ecco Bella Beauty

We’re also thrilled to introduce Ecco Bella Cosmetics. A brand that redefines beauty – committed to the well-being of animals, the planet and your health. Because of their safe and natural ingredients, you can use these products without worrying about what comes into contact with your skin. Ecco Bella is also part of a sustainable packaging mission. Their powders and foundations will give you the light natural lift you need.

Beauty Without Cruelty

The name says it all – it’s pretty self-explanatory. If you’re looking for the perfect waterproof mascara then you’re exactly where you need to be. These products separate and define each lash with long-lasting colour that leave no mess or smudge. You can experience a gentle, fragrant-free formula that does NO animal testing and uses NO animal ingredients. Their philosophy is simple: 100% vegetarian and 100% natural. To us this translates to 100% beauty.

When it comes to cosmetics, there is no other way. We can’t imagine a world without cruelty-free cosmetic brands. We find it ironic that beauty products contain within them ingredients that aren’t so pretty. Real beauty is in how we treat and respect the planet, animals and our own health. It’s not rocket science. It’s just about selecting brands that deliver a bigger promise.

Try out your favourite cruelty-free cosmetic brands and tell us what you think.